Monday, February 21, 2005

Tuning to Poetry and Buddha

Tuning to Poetry and Buddha

Here I go again with my story line; buddhist at the intellectual level. But if only a small percentage of those readings would permeate into my subconcious level. This statement makes me ask a question: How do we interpret from the point of view of Buddhism the psycological terms "concious and subconcious".

Because according to the Buddha the real me is not my body, my personality, my name, my things, To find the real me I have to go beyond and try to find the spaces between my thougths -which form the personality- or the awareness who is withnessing his own thougths without getting identified or involved in that particular life. I don't know if that is posible, but many of our mental illnesses are caused by thinking too much. It is like we need to rest from our own life to keep out of krazyness.

when we have problems; our nerves and bodies are the firsts to weaken, and everything comes from somebody who has taken his life too seriously. And I'm one of those type of people. I'm too scared of life, -but there's millions like me- that's why I found so atractive this philosophy, and still in pursuit of "enligthment", which is nothing but relaxing state of mind, out of neurosis, out of fear, caring for other people, not caring for material things -to care for material things is a result of our fear of the future-.

I thing is enough for today. bye