Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Hello I'm a guy from Mexico. That's all I can say to remain anonimous. Since this is a kind of diary; perhaps is convenient to stay that way. Or probaly I'm feeling kind of shy for this moment. But time will tell me If I have to reveal mi name. And besides it adds more mistery and fun to this blog. Anyway my friends will know who I am.
Mi native language is spanish. But I'll write in english and spanish to reach more people with my own interests and get friends from all over the world. Along with poetry and buddism, I also like soccer and running. Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie, Alice in Chains and the grunge stuff, but rave and cumbia too. Curiosly but true. That's the globalization consequencies. And It's fine to me.
I really don't know what's going to happen with this blog -probably nothing- but the the tittle suggests that I'll be writting about poetry and buddhism. I have two poems of mine, one is about love and the other about my readings of buddhism. Both in spanish, I'll try to translate them.
It's weird. But sometimes I feel the need to write some phrases that are in my head, and then collect them to see if turns out into a poem. Hopefully this blog will make me write.
That's all for today Bye Bye